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Shop-within-a-Shop: The University of Alabama
by Claire Vonachen. June 12, 2018

Alabama -- arguably one of the best collegiate football programs in the country. With 17 National Championships, it has fans across the nation yelling “ROLL TIDE!”

When it came time to choose our next “Shop-within-a-Shop” location, the Alabama bookstore was a no-brainer. The University of Alabama is such a distinguished university, it only made sense we introduce a shop concept in their flagship stores on campus.

With the help of our two interns (current Bama students I might add), we loaded up a rented minivan and headed to Tuscaloosa. We arrived later that morning to an empty campus just waiting to be filled with “Bama Bound” students for orientation.

For those of you who have never been to the University of Alabama, it is everything you would think it is - historic, charming, and ever expanding. As you drive and walk around campus there are signs all around that say “Where Legends Are Made.” For someone who bleeds blue (GO CATS), I couldn’t help but stop and think of how true it was. And then it really hits you… you are at the University of Alabama.

Come football season, Logo Brands will have two shop concepts set up on Alabama’s campus. The mission for this trip was to get the first Shop-within-a-Shop concept set up at The Corner Supe Store, conveniently located at the corner of Paul W. Bryant Dr. and 8th Ave. Just steps away from Bryant-Denny Stadium, this store is in prime location for all of the last-minute tailgating needs on gameday.

The first operation in this mission was to: put our fixtures together. This particular shop concept received two display fixtures and a chair bin. I love the fixtures because they are totally customizable, which helps to ensure no two shop concepts are the same. Once the dirty work of assembling the fixtures is done, the real fun begins.

With a little creativity and planning, the second operation begins: merchandising the fixtures. Since the fixtures are customizable, the possibilities are endless. There is a home for every type of Logo Brands product on these fixtures: blankets, coolers, bags, totes, inflatables, you name it.

Our main goal with this shop concept was to really grow the assortment that was already in the store. With orientation and back to school right around the corner, we focused on bags, totes, and dorm room items. We even added Houndstooth items to add a variety of patterns. With two fixtures at The Corner Store, we had even more opportunity to achieve that goal. Once football season roll (tide)s around, we will freshen up the assortment with more tailgate and outdoor living items.

Just as we were finishing up the final details, we already had customers in the store come up and comment on how great the new concept looked. Based on the few customer reactions we saw, I think it is safe to say this concept will be a huge success.

We are so grateful to have this opportunity. The staff at the Corner Supe Store are amazing! We cannot thank them enough for allowing us to come set up our “Shop-within-a-Shop” in their store. Logo Brands looks forward to seeing the success that comes from this store! Roll Tide!

- Claire Vonachen, Sales Support

By Guest
from Kansas, MA

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Did you hear about the revolutionary product that changed the rules of learning?

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