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Shop-within-a-Shop: The University of Alabama

Alabama -- arguably one of the best collegiate football programs in the country. With 17 National Championships, it has fans across the nation yelling “ROLL TIDE!”

When it came time to choose our next “Shop-within-a-Shop” location, the Alabama bookstore was a no-brainer. The University of Alabama is such a distinguished university, it only made sense we introduce a shop concept in their flagship stores on campus.

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by Claire Vonachen


"Kathy's Rule"

We have rules and policies in order to run our business. How to take a sales order, a process to pick, pack, and ship orders. We have rules on warranty issues, pricing, and production timelines when taking “out of stock” orders. They are all essential to run our every day business yet there are very few that are black and white. Most of these we would deem as gray. Here is a great example. One of our rules is we need our sales reps to submit orders via our Logo order form through our customer service email address. However, if one of my reps calls me on a Tuesday afternoon with a rush order, that was written on a napkin, from a lunch meeting, in which the order needs to be there Friday and the rep wont be home till the end of the week, you better believe we are entering that order the day we receive it over the phone to ensure it is there by Friday. It helps our rep, our sales number, and most importantly our customer. See... They are gray rules. 

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by Kris Talley

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