2018 Summer Interns Q&A

Over the years, the internship opportunities at Logo have continued to grow as we grow. We're able to offer more areas of interest to students. Our primary goal is always to give the students real-world training that they wouldn't get in a classroom. We treat them just as any other member of our team as they work right alongside us. We currently have several staff members who started off as interns with us. We were happy to have several outstanding interns over this past summer. Let's take a minute to meet them...

Catherine Renzaglia, Studying Operations Management at University of South Carolina

What was your role as an intern?
  • I am an Operations intern, which means I help with many things to facilitate a smooth running business. I mainly work with the dispatch team which is where my office is located. I assist with allocating orders to inventory in our warehouse, waving orders to be shipped or picked up, calling various carriers to pick up shipments for the day, and printing UPCs or other labels for our products. My day to day tasks change every day, which makes my internship very exciting. 
What are some of things you have learned?
  • I have learned so many things through this internship I cannot even keep up with all of it. I have become very comfortable with the program SAP Business 1, Highjump One Workspace, TrueCommerce Foundry, Microsoft Excel, and Asana. I am confident in allocating orders to inventory in the warehouse, waving orders to be shipped, printing labels for our products, and contacting carriers for pickups. Each of the programs I have used really have aided me in understanding the whole process of getting a product from producer to the consumer. I have developed my interpersonal skills and many other things that will give me an advantage in the classroom and in the workforce.
What has been your greatest success/accomplishment as an intern?
  • My greatest accomplishment as an intern is being able to apply all the things that I’ve learned in the real world. I would have never understood all the procedures that go into supply chain and distribution without this internship. Gaining real world experience is much more valuable than the things I learn in the classroom.
Who has been a great mentor for your internship?
  • Cameron Vitulli is definitely the biggest mentor for me. He is very innovative and motivated to improve different things for Logo Brands as a whole. He sees the big picture and can perform tasks in a way the benefits more than himself. For example, he just got the new title of Ecommerce Development Manager, and he is now the figurehead in developing and improving Logo Brand’s online presence. He is someone who is not okay with being complacent and wants to constantly improve himself. The qualities he exhibits are qualities I aspire to have when I am in the workforce. 


Sierra Marchi, MBA Student at The University of Alabama

What are some of things you have learned?
  • I have enjoyed creating and analyzing reports for a few of Logo’s business partners. I have learned to enter Purchase Orders, Returns and Credits. Most importantly, I have a better understanding of the day-to-day of a business.
What has been your greatest success/accomplishment as an intern?
  • My greatest success as an intern was setting up the shop in a shop concept at Vanderbilt and The University of Alabama. I felt very accomplished after setting up the fixtures and merchandising the shelves.  During these trips, I also had many fun memories with my coworkers!
How have you decorated your desk space? 
  • I have decorated my desk with pictures of my friends and spirit for the Crimson Tide. My custom sticky note collection and bling paper weights add a nice touch.


Sierra Hittel, Studying Marketing at The University of Alabama

What was your role as an intern?
  • I worked in the sales office as a social media marketing intern. My main role was to manage all of our platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and create lifestyle photography and videography content.
What are some of things you have learned?
  • I learned how vital communication is to the success of a company. Marketing encompasses all of the different departments. For example, Sales wants to promote their best selling products, Operations wants to promote our items with a high inventory, Creative wants to post our latest and greatest designs, Brand wants to showcase working with other companies and events, etc.
What has been your greatest success/accomplishment as an intern?
  • As Logo Brands is developing their marketing department, something new I wanted to bring to Logo Brands was collaborative posting with YouTube personality influencers. As a company based on collegiate products, working with college students to promote our brand is the best way to target that audience. I reached out to Brooklyn and Bailey, twin sisters attending Baylor in the fall as incoming freshmen. Their lifestyle YouTube channel has 5.3 million subscribers and they have 3.5 million Instagram followers. They were so excited when the received our products, they posted on their Instagram story and our profile visits increased in the first 6 hours by 1378%! This is a great example of how organic collaborations are highly effective. 

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