Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal. That is what a B.H.A.G. stands for in our world. I know it is a little funny. It is a bit adolescent. However, it gives our company a common goal. This kindergarten phrase is a goal that everyone in this company wants to achieve. We have been chasing this goal since we have been in business and for the first time we are close (more on this later).  Microsoft had a B.H.A.G. They wanted to put a computer with Windows on every desktop across America. Right now that doesn’t seem so crazy, however when they made this their goal it was laughable. I am not sure our B.H.A.G. was ever laughable but it surely didn’t seem possible.

Remember the big game? You were nervous yet excited at the same time. You thought you might get sick but you didn’t have time. Somehow you were able to channel all the nerves into passion and better play. I understand not everyone played sports so what about a song, the minute you hear the opening cords being played you can’t stop the chill bumps from spreading over your arms. Or how about the time you heard some of the best news in your life and without even giving it thought it brought you to tears. There are also the times when you just didn’t know what to say, something was so monumental. Somewhere in the middle of all these examples is where I currently reside. No, hitting this B.H.A.G. will not be as important as hearing my wife say she was pregnant the 4 times she has communicated this to me. This will not be as overwhelming of a moment, as finally seeing my sinful state before a Holy God, only to realize that through His Son’s life, death, and resurrection I was saved.  This isn’t like planning out what I was going to say (as I didn’t want to miss a single statement within my heart) to my then girlfriend (now wife) in order to ask her to be my bride forever. However, if we are able to obtain this goal I will cry. I will get chill bumps the moment before I hear the outcome. I have been attempting to practice my elevator sales pitch so I can accurately communicate who Logo Chair is and what we know we can do. It will be exciting. It will be rewarding. It does surface all the emotions and feelings in life.

I guess what I am trying to communicate is there are some things you just can’t explain with words, numbers, and measurements. The heart of a company isn’t quantifiable. The drive of a person isn’t something that can be placed in a proposal. The core of a team isn’t the same from company to company. Some things you just have to experience. Our team has experienced the chase, the lows of being overlooked and the highs of finally being invited to the table. We have put our best foot forward and now can only hope and pray that they get to experience what it is like to do business with Logo Chair Inc. We hope that they feel our passion, that they see our drive, and realize that this couldn’t be communicated through pen and paper. This wouldn’t be just another accomplishment. This wouldn’t be just “a win” for the company. This would be a dream come true. This would be leading off and playing short stop for the St. Louis Cardinals like Ozzie Smith (yes I grew up a Cardinal fan). This is what they would be getting. We are like the guy who always wanted to date a certain girl but the girl consistently overlooked him only to ask him out later in life. It is monumental. It is life changing (in the business world) and we are close.

We have been chasing something for twelve years and as of yesterday we are so close I can taste it. I can imagine what it will feel like to obtain it, erase the B.H.A.G. that has been on our mission board for so long it may not come off, only to come up with a new one. However, our team is also prepared for a no. We understand that you can get so close to something only to fall short. We are committed to pushing onward. We have done all we can, this time… If the answer is no, we will do what we always do, start working toward the next time.