Dorm Life Essentials

If you’re heading off to college and moving in to the dorms, guarantee you have a checklist (or two!) with everything you need to prepare for the next chapter of your life. One of your lists is sure to include XL bed linens, shower shoes, mattress topper, and your mom will probably add an alarm clock so you don’t miss class. However, there’s a little more to surviving life in the dorm than school supplies and shower shoes. Here’s our top 6 things that might not have made your “necessity” checklist but you won’t want to go without!

  1. Netflix subscription – College is the quintessential time to get use out of that Netflix subscription, after all of your studies of course.

  2. Storage solutions – No pre-college shopping trip is complete without several trips down the storage solution aisle. Bed risers or lofts are a great way to maximize the space. Take it a step further and invest in under the bed containers, over the door hooks, and even thin hangers to reduce closet space.

  3. Comfortable seating – After countless hours of studying (or Netflix), you’ll soon discover that chair that the University provided isn’t so comfortable after all. And living in your lofted bed isn’t an ideal solution either. Find a big comfy chair that collapses or folds flat for storage. If we haven’t said it enough already, space is key. NEW Vanderbilt University Squad Chair shown in the dorm pic above. Folds up and stores conveniently in a closet or under the bed.

  4. Good night’s rest essentials – Think blankets, fans, sleeping masks, earplugs, whatever it takes. I hope for your sake that the random roommate you met at orientation works out great, and there are absolutely no hiccups. But seeing as how lack of sleep can make any person act a little crazy, it’s wise to come prepared to fight for your rest. May the good roommate odds be ever in your favor.

  5. Reminders of home – No matter how ready you think you are to pack up and leave 18 years of your life behind, college can make just about anyone homesick. Not to mention you’ll get extra brownie points from mom and dad for wanting to keep reminders of them and home in sight.

  6. Good attitude – Might sound cheesy but dorm life is much better when you just embrace your short stint living in a 150 sq. ft. (or less) space. Just like in life, it is what you make it – Don’t Hold Back!


Logo Brands items shown in the Vanderbilt University dorm picture: Squad Chair, Sweatshirt Blanket & Closer Backpack

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