Mistakes Happen Even with Donuts

Soon there will be a Dunkin’ Donuts opening near my home. Regretably, I will more than likely be a regular visitor there. (My kids love donuts on Saturday morning). You see there is a local donut store half a mile away I would rather give my business. I love local businesses. I also love the little guy beating out the larger guy (it is our story at Logo). However, it is becoming hard to go back to the local donut shop any longer. It isn't because they made me mad one time. It isn't because their donuts don't taste as good, they do... I can withstand their mistakes. I can handle a wait (over and over again). However, what is hard to swallow is mistake after mistake, poor customer service, not enough product from a company (donut shop) where they dont seem to care. They don't want to get better. Every time I have walked through their doors lately all the owner (and her husband who she often verbally abuses with a packed shop) wants to talk about is how we are all going to eat at “DD” when it opens. She says things like “everyone run on Dunkin, huh?” I just shake my head. Inside I am asking the question, “why don't you make it so I don't HAVE to “run on Dunkin”. 

Here is the deal. They never have enough of the right donuts (sound familiar?) They always have a long lines at the same times on the same days (these times are so predictable I bet you could guess them). On top of this they seem not to care. They are never working quickly, they never have extra help at key times, they don't talk to you, they are fairly rude, and are dead set that once “DD” opens they are going out of business.  

Why? I guess I asked myself why so many times I started dreaming about it... One night recently I woke up out of a deep sleep in a cold sweat. This is what was running through my mind: There are many times when Logo doesn't have the right products. I bet there are customers who think we aren't trying to get better. I started analyzing our customer service. Are we quick? Do we have an appearance that we don't adjust or just don't care? Slowly my sweat ceased. My heart started to slow down its rapid beating pace. Logo Chair can be accused of many things, not caring isn't one of them. We care. We sometimes care too much. We are not rude to our customers. We are apologetic when we make mistakes. We strive to correct them. We communicate what we are doing to correct them. We are not sitting in an neutral gear waiting to go out of business or have a competitor come in and take our business (something we have been building for 12 years). 

However, we often run out of the same sku’s. It is like the local donut shop running out of Glazed at 7:30 am on Saturday morning but they have 45 Blueberry cake donuts (I apologize if that is your favorite). I agree with you this is unacceptable. This has been a problem this year. We see this... We are aware of this... Yet we are not assuming you are leaving our business. We are actively fixing this issue. We are stocking more of the “no brainer” items so we don't run out.

The point of this blog post is to remind you that I care. The 30 other families that work for Logo also care. We may make mistakes and run out of product but we should never be uncaring or rude. We promise to work swiftly for a solution to your issue. We vow to get better. We will communicate, own our mistakes, and do all we can to make you satisfied. Not because we are afraid that you will go to the “other guys” but because we truly believe this is what we are called to do in business. 

Now guess where I am buying the family donuts this Saturday? You got it... The local shop. When “DD” opens I am not sure what I will do. Until then what I really want from the local shop is them to show me they care. They don't have to fix all the issues, just engage me as a customer.  

I pray we are showing all of you we care. We wouldn't have a business without you.