Return to Sender

I hate returns. Not because of the reasons you think. It isn't the hassle of the paperwork. It isn't the lost sale. It’s not even the fact that someone might be upset with me. I can handle all of this. It is the fact that someone is let down with the brand of Logo Chair and the product quality we offer. For some customers you only get one shot at making them pleased with your company. Therefore, a single return could represent one less person in the market that wants to buy our product again. That scares me...

For this very reason we take product quality very seriously. Our goal when developing a product is to make it “Home Good” (I stole this from the book Re-Work). Think about it. Any company can do just enough marketing and product development to entice you to purchase a product off the shelf. This isn't ONLY what we want. We want you to be enticed to buy our product off the shelf at any given retailer. However, our goal is to make the product so good that when it is at your home or tailgate and your friends see it or use it, they too want to go out an purchase one for themselves. Products that do not lose their luster once you get them home. Products that because they are what you thought they were you go back to the retailers you bought a given product from and you search for more from Logo Chair.

So like I said, I hate returns. Our company has had an impeccable record of making the best products on the market. However, I would be lying if i didn't tell you this is a constant struggle for several reasons. One, our business is growing. With growth comes new plants to alleviate production log jams. New plants producing your product can bring new challenges in the area of quality and delivery timelines. Two, the market is screaming at us that they want less expensive products. If we cave to this demand we make less quality products, because as much as we have searched the world over there is no way around the fact that less expensive in manufacturing is less quality and less features. Third, the human error element. Our products are made by people. People make mistakes. “A screw was suppose to go there!” oops. I think you get the picture. We know we cant make a perfect product, yet what I want you to know is we are trying.

Everyday we look at this. We have to keep making products to our HIGH standards even with a moving marketplace and even as we experience rapid growth. We care too much about the end consumer. Our brand statement is “bringing out the fan in everyone”, which isn't possible without first making you a fan of Logo Chair.

As we are faced with decisions on new products for 2013, here are some of our thoughts: Bigger is better, reversible will cost more but the experience will be unrivaled,  embroider and stronger at $34.99 over screen and just adequate for $24.99, make the designs pop (which is challenging) over the safe clean look.

Now you want to know “what products are your describing?” We are 60 days away from bringing them to you. You will not be disappointed.

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