The Go Giver Part 2 - "The Law of Compensation"

In my personal Top 10 movies of all time is the classic Tom Cruise movie "Jerry Maguire".  The image you see above, even if you have not seen the movie in 15 years represents the iconic phrase "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!".  It went from a movie soundbite to a generational term used across the United States in all demographics.  Recently in the book I read "The Go Giver - A little story about a powerful business idea" by Bob Burg and John Mann different values are discussed that are applicable to life and business.  The "law of compensation" of one of these values, both practical and rich.

According to the authors a definition of this law is "Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them" (pg 129).

Many companies focus on how quick they can grow, how large their market share is and will be in years to come.  Few focus on how to best serve the customers they have in a singular well executed fashion.  Customer service is everything in a business.  We see customer service all the time right?  Both good and bad.  Think about the last bad experience you had somewhere paying for a service or good.  Now think about the last good experience.  Seems for most of us the bad experiences tend to add up faster than the good in most cases when you ask around.  The art of service is being lost as employees become disconnected to mission statements lost in a sea of bottom lines and board rooms.  So how do we flip this on its head, winning customers thru great service?

BLAST them.  That's right, BLAST them.  Sounds aggressive, hostile, downright mean to tell an employee to blast a customer.  But the folks at Butler Street Consulting in Georgia have been performing a great service by teaching our sales and customer service team key concepts of serving well.  This is something permeating around our office in all facets of the business currently.

What does BLAST exactly mean?

B - Believe the customer.  Don't start a call or conversation skeptical in regards to a customer issue

L - Listen.  Truly listen.  Not halfway, not 3/4, but fully engaged.

A - Apologize and it needs to be sincere.  Sorry, so, so sorry.

S - Satisfy the situation.  Take care of the issue.  Take owernship and leave the solution with no doubt of the outcome.

T - Thank the customer or person for bringing the issue the attention it deserves and allowing the opportunity to serve them.

Yes blasting customers is a huge part of what drives any business.  Yet you still need good products and all the other things that increase income and the profitability needed to run the business.  However I will always take a business where customers are served corrently versus huge volumes of customers served incorrectly.  Simple in statement yet harder in practice to acheive.  Whether personal, an employee or owner of a business, we all can serve better and have a larger effect.  I just love the practicality of serving well mentioned in the book in correlation to the volume of customers.

Now BLAST away:).


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