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CFP National Championship Hot Market
by Lindsey Rohling. January 17, 2018

The college and professional licensed business is getting quicker and quicker by day. In the Fall, we decided that we were ready to play in the quick turn licensed business.

For months, our team researched the options and capabilities of what we would be able to do in our Franklin, TN, facility. We took trips specifically to find equipment and learn about the different techniques. We even bought some equipment and later decided it wasn’t going to get us across the finish line. Finishing tailgate, gameday and at-home products is a little trickier than apparel. We work with a lot of different materials. We did some more research and purchased equipment that we feel confident can support the demand and our quality expectations.

Our team has been testing our abilities and bandwidth with custom quick turn orders for months. However, we knew that the College Football National Championship was going to be the first real test. It’s as time sensitive as it gets in the retail world. Immediately after a win, fans hop online or, in some cases, even hit the stores late night to stand in line for Championship gear.

In the sports licensed world, everything has to be approved by the school or team that owns the license. So our graphics department created art for the four potential winners and submitted it for approval well in advance. We waited. With the files ready for both Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs, on Monday, January 8th, we anxiously awaited for the clock to hit zero so we could begin. As luck would have it, the game went to overtime. Once Alabama was named as victors, we went to work. The printers ran all night. Our crew arrived in the wee hours of the morning to start heat transferring and finishing the product to get it out the door. Within two days, we had all National Championship orders out the door. There were no unexpected issues. Overall, we’d consider it a big success. And all of this means new product to you, the customer.

We’re of course already looking ahead to the next major hot market opportunity – Super Bowl LII. 


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from Kansas, MA

Ready to see Philadelphia Eagles merchandise Thanks

Ready to see Philadelphia Eagles merchandise Thanks

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