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Do We Compete?
by Kris Talley. October 07, 2012

Because I'm in sales, I get asked all types of questions in many different ways.  Lately, there is one question that keeps coming up: “Are you guys competitive?” They are asking if Logo competes with other companies and against our goals the way other companies do? I guess because of our companies proclamation of the Gospel, which is where all our hope is found, there is a misunderstanding of what that means when it comes to business.

Yes, we believe the Lord blesses our business with what he feels is best. But please don’t take this statement as a passive one. We will never sit around waiting for something to fall out of the sky in our laps.  We have a desire to work harder than our competition, and continue to grow our market share.

The answer to this common question can be answered with several important dates:  Dec. 14th, Feb.  7th, May 15th, Aug. 15th.

Around these dates CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) releases their top performing vendors. We anticipate the release of these rankings each quarter. My eyes scan down to the Non-Apparel licensees and I start with number ten and work toward number one anticipating where the name “Logo Chair Inc.” will rank. Will our company sell more licensed products than students will buy class rings? Will we beat out (sell more college merchandise) a huge candy company? What about a large watch manufacture? No way we could sell more collegiate product than a house hold watch name, right? We do. This quarter we are down one slot to number seven. When considering the "top 25", Logo currently ranks #7. There are currently 1500 non-apparel licenses for CLC. Being 7th out of 1500 is pretty darn good. I am proud of that.

We want to be the best. We want to be number one. I know it is a lofty goal, but isn’t that what goals are for? We are very competitive. The difference is we do not want the companies ahead of us to go out of business. As a matter of fact we are friends with most of them. We don’t want our friends over at Tervis Tumbler to sell less. We want Logo Chair Inc. to sell more.  “What about your competitors?” the truth is, we want them to focus on another portion of the business. Our hope is that most of these larger companies get tired of competing with little ole' Logo Chair Inc and they decide to change the direction of their business toward other products or in a separate industry they are already established. We don’t want them to go out of business. We want them to want to exit ours. There is a big difference.

By Guest
from Kansas, MA

Great perspective

Great perspective

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