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by Lindsey Rohling. December 07, 2016

They did their best to prepare me. I kept hearing things like, “It’s going to be crazy” and “you have to experience it to understand.” I had been working at Logo Brands all of two weeks when the annual Warehouse Sale came around. Like with most anything else new, I was curious as to what to expect.

The buzz and excitement really picked up the week of the event. Customers were calling to make sure they had all the details. The warehouse took quite the transformation going from regular shipment activity to a display floor packed with tents and boxes upon boxes of products for all different teams. Internally, we continued to receive reminders and information to ensure the most seamless event possible for all of the customers. At any given moment, our entire full-time staff of almost 60, plus the seasonal employees were all in the warehouse preparing for the sale.

On Wednesday, Mary Hance, a.k.a. Ms. Cheap with the Tennessean, visited our warehouse with Talk of the Town News Channel 5 to talk about the deals. She said it's a very popular event amongst her readers. It was fun to hear their take on the event before hand. See the story here.

When Thursday rolled around, we opened our doors to VIP customers who purchased tickets to shop early. I don’t think a lot of people know that the proceeds from the VIP event all go to Charity. Through this event, we’re able to make a donation to several in need organizations. That’s one thing I was able to notice early on, Logo sees the importance in giving back. Even the shirts purchased for Logo Brands employees to wear at the sale had a giving component. The purchase of the shirts from a Memphis based company, AgapeNorth, qualified for a donation of 198 school uniforms to a local school in need.

Over the next few days we saw upwards of 10,000 people walk through our warehouse doors. I had the pleasure of working the door and greeting all our happy customers. The conversations with Warehouse Sale attendees confirmed what I had heard from Logo Brands’ retail customers—awesome products with genuine and friendly people behind them. At most, the line wait time to get in was an hour. Folks that had shopped with us before affirmed to those around them in line who were first-timers that it was worth the wait. The line moved quickly and there were several times throughout the day with no line at all. Shopping wagons are available for customers to load up their loot and wheel around. The largest order we had was 12 wagons and the customer had a pull-behind UHAUL to load up. Pretty hard to pass up the deals! Although everyone was doing some major shopping, the checkout line was never more than 15 minutes. 

Fans of teams in college, NFL, NHL, MLB and even high school come. We do our best to represent the highest demanded teams and have a shopping option for everyone. Even though the warehouse is huge, there are still limitations to how many teams and products can be setup on the floor. For teams not represented with a tent, customers attending the sale have the option to shop at our kiosk at the Sale with virtually the same deals. The items are shipped directly to their house.

I’d say the hardwork of everyone here at Logo Brands paid off. And what I had been told was absolutely true, “you have to experience if for yourself.” If you haven’t attended, we’d love for you to join us next year!


Save the date for the 2017 Logo Brands Warehouse Sale:

Thursday, November 16th – VIP EVENT

Friday, November 17th & Saturday, November 18th – Free and open to the public

By Guest
from Kansas, MA
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