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Our Core Values

Logo Brands is a family owned business that has grown from our small two car garage to a 200,000 square ft office and warehouse space.  We were a “startup” before that phrase was even popular, yet now sit as the #1 licensee for hard good sports products.  Many things have changed in our 15 year history, but one thing has not.  Our core values.  Early on, founder Bill McCauley decided that our core values would be used to operate the company at every level.  Annual business plans and daily decisions are all guided by these principals.  Often people ask the question, “What makes Logo Brands so different?”  For that reason, we have decided to share our core values publically, to give everyone a little insight into what makes this company so special.

Pleasing to God in our words and deeds

We will treat others the way we want to be treated, showing respect, kindness, and love.  Our team members will act in a manner that would not embarrass themselves or the company.  We will make decisions based on purpose and principal rather than money. 

Always do the right thing

The standard of our customer service will be so high it will become the standard which our competition grades itself.  Our team will be willing to do what others will not, and as a result, we will create raving fans.  In an effort to create frictionless service, we will ask ourselves “what would you want the company to do to make it right for you?”  We will always do the right thing.

Give a perfect effort every day

While we accept that “perfection” is not an attainable goal, we will display the discipline to improve every day.  How you do anything is how you do everything.  Each day, we will strive to be better than the day before.

Make products that exceed expectations

We will always take pride in producing quality products that we want to use.  Our goal is to offer the highest value possible while remaining competitive to our customers.  When consumers think about our brand, they first think about how well our products are made and how much they enjoy using them.

Never leave the garage

We want to make sure that where we came from doesn't fade away. As we grow the company, it is imperative for us to keep the mentality that obstacles WILL be overcome. Problems are just an opportunity to improve and learn something new. No one person is above any job or duty.