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The Frame
by Kris Talley. August 13, 2012

Every day as I enter our building I pass this frame hanging on our wall. It is a simple frame with a simple message. However, it represents everything that Logo Chair is as company.  Four short phrases.  Small statements that define the people and the foundation that makes up our company. As I pass by, I am reminded that my goal for the day is to please my Lord and Savior.  I want to bring Him glory. That is number one while I am here within the workplace but also everywhere I go. 

I am thankful for this little sign as it is so easy to get lost in what we are doing, what the world tells us to do, or just the easy way out in any situation. We know and believe that our company is where it is today by the Grace of God. We are all reminded of this daily. We face this reality when we fall short of our other core values: to have the best customer service, make the best products and get better every day. Some days it doesn’t feel like each one of us (I know I feel this way) have gotten better or that we offered the best customer service when the news of a delayed product upsets a customer we have had for ten years.

This frame of values or initiatives doesn’t say we won’t mess up or fail. It does, however, recalibrate our team to the one thing that matters most in our business. It is our faith. A faith that states you don’t control the results only our efforts. . We are called to work hard, maybe harder than the other guys but we are not the delivers. God is… Yet when we do fail, when we don’t live up to preeminent customer service our whole team feels it. To the core, in each of us, we value this framed sheet of paper. Not for what it says on paper or what we want our company to be, but for what is represents. It defines our team. It illustrates our pursuits.

By Guest
from Kansas, MA

May God continue to bless you and your employees. I'm so glad I read your "sign story".

May God continue to bless you and your employees. I'm so glad I read your "sign story".

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