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Warehouse & Office Virtual Tour
by Claire Parsley. June 26, 2018

Ever wondered what our warehouse and office looks like? How does the product make it to you? What does our office look like on a daily basis? Many of our local customers see the inside for our Annual Warehouse Sale, but thats not the norm. Take a virtual tour of Logo to see what’s happening behind those doors! 

Our Core Values are the first thing you’ll see as you enter our offices. We hire, fire, and do business off of these. #5 was added a year ago. We always want to remember that we started in the garage, and we should operate like we are still in the garage. It is really special to the ownership group and employees to remember where we came from. We know that someone can always take our business. We try to treat our customers how they want to be treated.

Our main conference room is at the front as well. This is not your typical executive conference room. Anyone can use this whenever is needed. We also have a library for our employees so that they can grow, whether it’s professionally, spiritually, nutritionally, or even gardening.

In the hallway you will see on one side new photos for our rebrand and on the other catalogs covers from our very first when we were just a chair company to now. You can see where the business has gone and what it has evolved to through these catalogs. We added products to our assortment by listening to customers and licensors for what they wanted to see. They helped build our business.

We’re pretty proud of the award for being one of The Tennessean’s Top Workplaces four years in row. It is awarded based on several factors, including employee feedback. In 2018, we placed #12 in Small Business.

Recently we had to rent more office space to accommodate our growing team. Our sales department is now located down the street. We will be adding additional office space here at our main facility and warehouse so everyone can be back under one roof in early 2019. 

This breakroom and kitchen was very important to the original owners. They wanted a place where employees could come together with friends and family. They wanted them to want to spend time here.

The printer room and equipment is a new addition for us. This is where we print the logos for our domestic production. These machines allow us to turn product within days for our customers. We have an area in the warehouse where we apply our logos to plain product by heat transfer.

Our entire facility is 200,000 square feet. 150,000 of warehouse racking, 10,000 of office and 40,000 of floor space. Our facility has over 12,000 bins of product containing over 120 product lines. The warehouse is organized Product line by school. We recently added in rows in our warehouse that are dedicated to serving our dot com customers, making order fulfillment much more efficient. We have an end of line order fulfillment area. Items are pulled from the racks and packed and shipped for our web customers and our retail partners who fulfill from our warehouse.

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