Welcome to the Real World

Just a few weeks ago, I started my job as executive assistant at Logo Chairs in Franklin. As you all know, Logo is leading manufacturer of everything the ultimate fan needs to show their team spirit: tents, cooler, blankets, bags, chairs and more. Family, get ready for a very Tennessee Logo Christmas! A new position to me and to the company, I have done anything from helping set up trade shows to planning events to everything in between. Every day is a chance to learn and different. I love getting to see every aspect and part of the company and work right beneath the executives. Everyone at Logo has been incredibly nice and helpful, saying no question is a dumb question, and believe me, I feel like I have had a lot of dumb questions. I commuted from my hometown, Murfreesboro, for my first week and a half and though I didn’t enjoy the commute life, since I am so happy at Logo, I can't say the drive was absolutely terrible (it was quite picturesque as well). I learn so much every day, from operations to procurement to sales, and I can honestly say that I can't believe how lucky I was to get this job. Upon my arrival, they all said "Welcome to the Logo family" and that is exactly what it is, a family. The only word I can use to sum up my feeling about my new job is happy.
My family had planned an amazing graduation trip to Hawaii and Logo was kind enough to give me the time off. When I returned from our trip just last week (which seems like it was so much longer ago), I moved to Franklin into my very own apartment with me paying the rent, me paying the electricity and me paying the water bill. That’s the real world slapping you in the face. No complaints though, I have always wanted to be self-sufficient and independent. Even with the bills and new responsibilities, the post-grad, first-real-job-in-the-real-world life is exciting. It is another page of this new chapter in my book and it is dream come true. Being minutes from downtown, work, an amazing farmers market and with Nashville and my family just down the road, I don't know how I ended up so lucky. All I have to say is that if you work hard towards your dream and be patient, everything will fall into place.

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