Our Core Values

Logo Brands is a family-owned business that has grown from our small, two-car garage to a 200,000 square ft office and warehouse space.  We were a “startup” before that phrase was even popular, yet now sit as the #1 licensee for hard good sports products.
Many things have changed since we started in 2000, but one thing has not…our core values.  Early on, founder Bill McCauley decided that our core values would be used to operate the company at every level.  Annual business plans and daily decisions are all guided by these principals.
Often people ask the question, “What makes Logo Brands so different?”  For that reason, we have decided to share our core values publicly, to give everyone a little insight into what makes this company so special.
Pleasing to God
Let your words and actions be pleasing to the Lord. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Always do the right thing.
Win as a Team
The name on the front means more than the one on the back. Be an authentic teammate. Whether we win or lose, we do it together.
Be Accountable
Do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. The difference between success and failure is often found in our ability to take ownership of our work and the results.
Maintain a High Pace
Much of our success is rooted in the fact that we simply move faster than our competition. While we will never rush, we will remain nimble and quick.
Be Frictionless
We can create raving fans by how we handle our customers. How do you want to be treated? Do that!
Continuously Improve
Because we are never satisfied, personal development and professional growth will be encouraged. By always striving to be 1% better than the previous day, we will always give our very best.
Embrace Change
Be positive about change, which is required to improve. If we are not changing, we are not growing.
Don’t Hold Back
If it needs to be said, say it. If it needs to be done, do it. Speak up! Your ideas make us better.
Never Leave the Garage
There is someone in their garage planning how to take our business. Exercise grit and a “do whatever it takes” attitude in everything you do.

Corporate Responsibility

At Logo Brands, Inc., we are convinced that we have an opportunity to contribute to better working conditions for all the people who make our products. We take our corporate responsibilities seriously and are committed to advancing our policies and systems regarding all aspects of corporate responsibility that are relevant to our business. 


To view our Workplace Code of Conduct, click here.

To view our Corporate Responsibility policy, please email customerservice@logobrands.com.